Expertise with devotion and heart.

We serve private individuals and enterprises as well as public bodies and associations. We offer comprehensive service spanning the entire country and are also happy to take on international clients. All skilled experts in their respective fields, our lawyers also work in close cooperation with one another. Absolute confidentiality is a mainstay of our business and the foundation for trust. In all our dealings, we comply fully with the Finnish Bar Association’s Code of Conduct.

Contract law

We draw up contracts that meet your specific needs and requirements. We advise on contract interpretation and represent parties in contract disputes.

Tort law

Have you suffered an injury? As experts in tort law, we can help you seek recompense.

Corporate law

Our firm handles legal issues for both partnerships and limited liability companies.

Insolvency, bankruptcy and debt enforcement

While our lawyers are happy to serve as administrators for bankruptcy estates, our suite of services also includes debt restructuring, lodging claims in bankruptcy for our clients, and asset recovery.

Labour law

We provide impartial expertise in labour law disputes. We are happy to represent both employees and employers in various matters involving labour legislation.

Dispute resolution

Our firm assists clients in resolving legal disputes both in court and by means of alternative dispute resolution.


We advise developers and contractors as well as housing and real estate companies on contracts relating to real estate formation and land use.

Housing and real estate law

Our firm advises clients on matters of housing and real estate transactions. We prepare deeds of sale and purchase and handle disputes involving matters such as design or construction error.

Family and succession law

Divorce, last will and testament or inheritance often gives rise to a need to seek legal counsel. Let our experts come to your aid before problems arise. We advise clients in contractual matters relating to family and succession law and in disputes relating to marriage and mutual children.


Our firm offers clients the option of mediation in civil disputes.