Family and succession law

Divorce, last will and testament or inheritance often gives rise to a need to seek legal counsel. Let our experts come to your aid before problems arise. We advise clients in contractual matters relating to family and succession law and in disputes relating to marriage and mutual children.

Family and succession law is a broad field covering many topics such as child support, child custody and access, pre-nuptial agreements and divorce with all it entails, including division of marital property.

The death of a loved one unfortunately brings with it a number of legal matters that are best left to the experts. Multiple factors including the rights of the surviving spouse, tax planning and any arrangements made by the deceased during their lifetime must be taken into account in the distribution of an estate. In many cases, fairly minor and inexpensive steps can deliver considerable benefits on future inheritance situations.

Our services include the drafting deeds of gift and wills, estate administration and estate distribution as well as representation in disputes involving these. We are also at your service in any other succession law issues you may face.

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